Saturday, July-14-12

So it been a loooooong while since I update as was pointed out to me today but I didn't think it had been like three and a half years wow. Hi Geoffrey! But in my defence I don't really need a blog because I have Facebook. You should have Facebook Geoffrey and more practice putting flyers out just sayin'.

So I am currently waiting (not so patiently) for the boy to fall asleep so I can watch the last three episodes of Games of Thrones - thanks for the addiction Geoffrey. From all reportse episode 9 is spectacular and the last 30 seconds of the season finale will leave my brains dripping down the walls I am perched on the edge of my seat with anticipation. Geoffrey get Facebook.

Sunday, November-22-08

Well hello! Yeah it's been a while - thought I'd drop by!

... 40 WOW! Crazy! You're only as old as you feel ... some days I feel like I'm 90.

Fav video du jour Great tune and that dude is hot-ish - uh NO not Santana. The only reason he gets the "ish" is because at some angles he really reminds me of one of the greater mistakes of my life - Robert my son why wouldn't you be watching out for yur momma better?!?!?!

Thursday, July-31-08

I firmly believe that the RULE should be .... "If you decapitate someone for whatever reason) the Police should be allowed to shoot you ... DEAD ... no questions asked ... no repercussions . no second thoughts just a bullet between the eyes and that's that. What good could come of letting such a person continue to exist? Is there a chance that someone who could do something so heinous could reform and go on to lead a normal, productive life contributing to society in a positive fashion? What could anyone one stand to gain by letting such a inhumane being live? Thoughts? Comment?

On a lighter note: Dudley now has Lorazepam to take and Scratch has to have his man-boob removed. Oh pets are so much fun. I will try and write more often and on some happier events.

Monday, June-09-08

Here's a great self-help tip: if you're ever feeling down and need a little perspective just watch a couple of episodes of Intervention. Man are there some messed up people in this world.

Saturday, April-05-08

Warning - Not a happy post. Read at your own risk.

Why? Why, why,why. Why do I do it??? I know better even as I click I am thinking "Don't do this. You're really gonna regret this." And then I do it. Happens every time.

I'm perusing You Tube, looking at funny videos. Animals ones are always good. There was the one of the panhandler with the rat that rode on the cat's back and the cat rode on the dog's back. That was cute. The fluffy Lhasa Apso puppies - they're adorable! The 12-ish Golden puppies stalking the cat - hilarious.

Then once false click and I am watching some shelter worker somewhere heaving dogs into a gas chamber and some fucking retards putting a live dog into the garbage truck - the kind that crushes the garbage. Great stuff - poor helpless animals being maimed and tortured and killed.

These animals are here because of us humans and there they are afraid and alone, suffering and dying. And once I'm watching, it's like a train wreck, I just can't look away. Then I feel sick to my soul for days sometimes weeks. Well the bad ones never really go away. What the fuck people?

Saturday, March-29-08

Thursday, March-20-08

Funny Bunny Happy Easter! I think I have found my all time favourite Easter basket filler!

Introducing the Funny Bunny! He walks and poops jellybeans! What fun! "Wind him up and watch him go!" Nothing celebrates the resurrection of the Lord, Jesus Christ like a plastic wind up bunny crappin' jellybeans across the living room floor.

But I'm not really all that religious so I think it's hysterical. Although Craig did point out that it would be slightly more amusing if one were to use chocolate raisons.

Check out the look at his face!

Ok I'm done now ... really.

Wednesday, March-11-08

I love Crazy Loop Mm ma ma ....

Vote YES YES YES for the Casino tomorrow!!!!! Dam you small town hicks with your small town mentality. I can blow apart each and every applicable argument you have against the casino. Bottom line - it's just another business. Let it open - if people don't want it, it will go under and if people do it, will hold it's own. Period. I feel myself starting to rant so I will stop here .... but if anyone has a reason they would like me to shoot down, please feel free to send it along ;-)

Friday, March-7-08

I am not sure what's up with the clothes and make up but this guy is funny!
Eddie Izzard
Cake or Death
Death Star Canteen
Star Trek

Thursday, March-6-08

OK so it wasn't so bad having my life-size self-portrait shown in the student gallery after all. The Head to Toe show opened tonight and it wasn't nearly as weird as I thought it would be. I was actually more nervous the first time I hung it for the class.

Oh did I mention it was a nude?

Wednesday, February-14-08

Happy Cash Grab Day! I mean Valentines Day!

Well I am finally getting around to (slowly) posting some of the artwork I've done over the past couple of years. Eventually I will get some of my earlier stuff up. I am by no means an artistical genius now but I have certainly come a loooooong way! Follow the art link to the left to take a peek.

More fun stuff I have started (also slowly) scanning my many, many pictures from days gone (long) by. Most of them being photos from the road. I have great aspirations of putting together a game of "Name that Carnie!" but of course who knows when I will get around to it. For now I will just file the idea on my great big shelf of things to do right next to Conko's Crotch Concentration!"

On a sadder note Barbaro had to be euthanized. Ok that happened like a year ago but I just stumbled across that info now and it is still really sad.

Wednesday, January-30-08

-58 with the wind chill last night - nice

Thursday, January-17-08

What fun things BFA students get to do to earn a degree! Click here for the full story.

Face 1

Monday, January-13-08

Better late than never!

Happy New Year

December 25, 2007

Well Merry Christmas all!

So for those of you not from Brandon - here is a funny story. I guess the Brandon City police are really in the Christmas spirit. For the holiday season they are giving Taser demonstrations at Christmas parties! The general gist of this story is that 2 off duty police officers were at a Christmas party and a third on-duty police officer shows up. So some of the party guests are curious to know how it feels to be Tasered. And I am sure you can fill in the rest of this story. What fun!I wonderif there was any alcohol involved in this story.

November 23, 2007

Good news and bad news on the health front.

Bad news - my treatment has not worked as well as it could have. My T4s this past week were 44 (normal is 18-ish - high is mid 20s - mine were 144 when first diagnosed.) So I may have to have the treatment again.

Good news - I'm not dead. Always look on the brighter side!

Good news - I don't take the thyroid medication any more and I'm finally losing some of the weight I've gained.
Bad news - I'm a little hyper again. I frequently feel like I'm on heroin (I am guessing on that comparison) and I can't sleep.

November 17, 2007 1:22 a.m.

A sad, sad day.

October 25, 2007

My Dudley I love him to death but he's not the brightest dog in the world. It was a little windy out today and a smallish, black garbage bag got caught in top of the apple tree in the back yard. So every time he goes out side he has a holy conniption (I didn't actually think that was a real word but apparently it is) fit. He carries on like we're being invaded by aliens or the garbage truck is coming.

October ... uh ... what the hell day is it???

Well I seem to have survived. A little anxious flighty restless but still kicking.

If anyone would like to see what I have been doing (day and night night and day) click here. Of course it's not really purple but well you know ... And no it is not done in the pic. I am really, really, really, not enjoying it.

In other funny news two days ago I was sick. That night my sweet, loving, little boy pooped in the tub and it was not poop of the solid type. So, forcing my cookies to not spew, I drained the tub, collected the toys for later disinfection (is hat a word??? - Word says NO! but I'm using it anyway!), scrubbed him down and washed his hair again. And I'm sure most people know how hard it is to wash a toddler's hair. And after finishing up and rinsing him off again he had a wee pee! What fun! Mommyhood is such a thankless job!

But he's worth it!

September 30, 2007

Well I survived the weekend! A little nausea and a few strange pains here and there but basically no major side effects. And I don't think I glow in the dark

My new fav show Gene Simmons Family Jewels. Very funny!

September 28, 2007

Yes, I have had my treatment! No ill effects yet

I must say I was a little concerned when they gave me the pill. Before they doled it out, they asked if I had any last minute questions as I would have to leave the hospital immediately after taking it. Then, when they opened the not so small lead container that the pill was in, the two techs literally jumped back across the room! Uh huh if this is so safe why are you two on the other side of the room??? I wish I had a Geiger counter.

September 25, 2007

Well I am really going to have my treatment this Friday really, really. Well I have an appointment anyway. I won't believe it's really going to take place until I actually have that pill in my mouth. Here's hoping I don't drop dead!

Words of wisdom - The human mind, left to it's own devices, will fill in the blanks with the worst possible scenario.

September 22, 2007

Oooooooh I am sooooo tired. I really don't think it is possible to be THIS tired and still be alive!

Things are looking promising for my treatment this coming Friday ... but I'm not holding my breath ... it's looked promising before ... several times.

If Dr. B and Dr. L can sort out their issues it should happen this time. Dr. B says "Oh I think it's fine to go ahead but I think Dr. L has some concerns about the safety of giving you the treatment." And then I go see Dr. L and she says "I think it's OK to give you the treatment but I think Dr. B is concerned about your thyroid."

Well let me tell you ... I have some concerns which include feeling like crap for oh going on two years, spending my life hanging out in the clinic/hospital, toddling down to give blood every two weeks, taking a bowl full of pills every day (expensive pills I might add!), and having to explain to EVERYONE I know what exactly Graves disease is and how the thyroid gland works.

I told the nice techs in nuclear medicine that if I have to come back for one more scan I will be able to do it myself ...including calibrating the machine and drawing my own blood!

September 20, 2007

"Earlier in this century, the mortality of thyroid storm approached 100%. However, now, with the use of aggressive therapy as described above, the death rate from thyroid storm is less than 20%. " from medicinenet.com

Hmmmm ... 20% ... not bad odds if I was gambling ... not such good odds on mortality.

"Some people with Graves' disease or hyperthyroidism -- an overactive thyroid that is producing too much thyroid hormone -- develop a condition known as thyroid storm. It's not common however; only 1-2% of patients with hyperthyroidism develop thyroid storm. " from About.com

Well now ... this is sounding better ... say a 2% chance of developing it and 20% chance of dying from it ... if my memory of statistics serves me correctly that means my chance of expiring is .4%. That sound a little better ... doesn't it???

Ottawa 2007

Day 11
6:00 p.m. Hayley "It's 6:00 on day 11 ... I DO NOT want to hear it.
11:10 p.m. Pin the tail on the Box. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

Missing - Reward Offered:

Please Call 1-800-FIND-BOX

Day 10
11:55 a.m. Box says be prepared.
6:55 p.m. Hayley says NO MORE PROFFESORS ... ever.
10:00 p.m. The entire ticket office staff is now addicted to Super Collapse 3.

Day 9
1:25 p.m. Box fails his Canadian city population test - miserably. And just for the record, Saskatchewan's population cannot be pooled to compete against cities.

Day 8
10:50 a.m. Box says fix the scale.
6:00 p.m. It's hot and wet.
7:30 p.m. New purple shoes!!!

Day 7
10:50 a.m.Hayley is cranky.
Conko's Crotch Concentration is well under way and NEW this year Conko's Cleavage Concentration!!! Corrie will only take part if Hayley Photoshops her boobs.
Professors really aren't all that smart.
Next year Hayley will run the ticket office AND supervise all the booths.
Box says he won't be here next year. Hayley says "We know were you live Box."
6:05 p.m. Box wants to raise the box checking threshold ... Hayley says no!
6:06 p.m. After further consideration Hayley agrees to increase the box checking threshold to $23.67 to allow for inflation.
6:15 p.m. Box has a brainstorm - to alleviate the ongoing problem of not having enough power cords for the booths solar panels on the tops of the ticket booths! Not only does this solve the power problem but it also allows for the opportunity to put motors on the booths and make them mobile. At those slow times the sellers can then drive around after the customers and sell them coupons as needed. And at the end of the night the sellers can drive the booths right to the ticket office. Brilliant.
6:15 p.m. Another excellent idea by The Box ... mobile ticket office!!! Good bye supervisors.
6:15 p.m. Hayley - "I have a craving for something..."
10:00 p.m. Box was once in a band ... Fang and the Gang.
11:55 p.m. Stiiiiillllll grumpy.
11:59 p.m. A little Pink Floyd - better.

Day 6
We have enough carbon paper to do us for 970 years at the Central Canada Exhibition.